21 Days to a More Relaxed You
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Feel like your day flies by?

Find yourself holding your breath in the middle of the day?

Take control!

You don't need to carve out a ton of time in your busy day to unplug.

In this 21 Day Challenge, you'll get daily emails to prime you for your 10 minute ritual.

Soon you'll be as addicted to your tea ritual as you are to your phone.

This FREE 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge is designed to remove the anxiety from your day.

What're you waiting for?

About your hostess, Dina Cataldo

Dina has been a lawyer for over a decade and is the director of Sicilian Tea Company. 

She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 29.When chemo seemed like a vacay compared to her trial load, she knew she needed to change her lifestyle. 

She investigate dtea for its health benefits and realized that she was drinking tea "wrong" for years.

She teaches tea appreciation and tea blending in Sacramento, CA, and created the 14 Day Tea Tour available at SicilianTeaCompany.com to give you a crash course on the benefits of loose leaf tea.  

She created the free 21 Day Tea Ritual Challenge to bring insight into your own habits and help you create a healthy life full of positivity. 


  • 21 days of inspirational emails to start your day right
  • guidance in creating an easy 10 minutes a day tea ritual to relax your body and mind
  • daily tea tips & tricks to learn more about tea and how to brew it
  • a printable eGuide to track your progress and the teas you sip
  • plus, continue your journey with weekly emails courtesy of Sicilian Tea Co.

What people are saying about the Tea Ritual Challenge:

Slow down!

"The Challenge gave me the opportunity to make time for myself. It's nice to slow down and not multitask. I loved tea, but I realized that I wasn't fully enjoying it. I was plopping a teaball in a cup and not being mindful. Watching the tea change color made it an experience. If wach thing in life had a joyful ritual to it, how beautiful would our day be?"

- Angela Saltis

Set a positive tone for the day!

"The Challenge was a good way to take time for myself. I enjoyed reading the thoughts and quotes for each day. Rather than starting the day off an running, it set a positive tone for the day."

- Katie Covert