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Whether you're new to tea or a passionate tea drinker, the 14 Day Tea Tour will help you create a more enjoyable tea experience. To learn more and be notified as soon as the next Tea Tour is curated, click the pretty pink button below.

"I wish I found this earlier

because I love tea."

~ Martha

What if you could take a tour each day to a far off land for less than the price of your luggage?

What people are saying...

"Great stuff! The variety is a nice introduction to the 'real' tea experience and gives you an opportunity to narrow down your favorites. For those of us new to the tea world, this was the perfect starting point for me. Enjoy!"

~ Brian

"The 14 Day Tea Tour is like taking a two week vacation without leaving home. The special tastes [and] aromas create the perfect atmosphere for daydreaming yourself away to another country. Bon Voyage!"

~ Nancy

What do you get in the 14 Day Tea Tour?

  • 14 teas curated from around the globe
  • Each tea is hand-packaged in resealable sample packs to give you the perfect amount of tea per cup
  • Brewing instructions for each tea, so you can enoy your tea experience more (no more bitter tea)
  • A guide walking you through how each tea was processed from the tea estate where it was grown and to your doorstep.
  • Small growers produce each tea in small batches giving you a unique tasting experience
  • Each tea is grown using oranic processes
  • Share your tea experience and ask questions in a community of tea lovers in an exclusive 30 day pop-up Facebook Group
  • FREE SHIPPING! (The Tea Tour is ONLY available in the Continental U.S. right now.)

Maybe you're telling yourself...

  • I have too much tea already.
  • I think I've already tried these teas.
  • I'm not a tea drinker.
  • Teas taste bitter to me.
  • I don't know how to brew tea right.
  • I don't have time to brew tea each day.
  • I already know what I like when it comes to teas. I don't need any new recommendations.
  • I don't like the brew tools I have. How should I brew?
  • I'm used to tea bags. I'm not sure how these are different.

I don't want you to miss out on this exclusive experience, so let's break these down. If you're thinking...

  • "I have too much tea already" or "I've already tried these teas":

You don't have these teas in your ta cabinet. I've curated 14 teas produced by small growers from across the globe. These loose leaf teas are uniquely made in small batches, and they'll only be available for a short time. 

  • "I'm not a tea drinker":

This is the perect opportunity to see what's out there. These 14 teas will introduce you to the world of teas. Each one comes with directions, so you can brew your perfect cup of tea.

  • "Tea tastes bitter to me" or "I don't know how to brew loose leaf tea":

Brewing tea right ensures your cuppa won't be bitter. Each tea has rewing instructions and tips to prevent you from brewing a bitter cup.

  • "I don't have time to brew loose leaf tea":

Tony Robbins likes to say, "If you don't have ten minutes a day or yourself, then you don't have a life." I like to think of my morning tea ritual as the time I take for myself to ground myself for the rest of the day. These perfectly prepackaged teas that you can take with you to work or use at home. All you need to do is add water. If you don't have 10 minutes a day to take care of yourself, then the 14 Day Tea Tour may not be for you. 

  • "I already know what I like when it comes to teas. I don't need any new recommendations."

If you're not adenturous, then the 14 Day Tea Tour probably isn't for you. Each year, tea estates grow and produce tea in new ways. Once a year I curate 14 teas from around the globe produced by small tea growers using organic processes to create a once in a lifetime loose leaf tea experience. You haven't had these teas before, and you won't get a chance to try these teas again. 

  • "I don't like the brew tools I have. How should I brew it?"

If you don't like the brew tools you have, you'll get recommendations from me showing you my peronal favorite brewing tools. You'll also get a video on how you can use the tools you may already have in your home for tea.

  • "I'm used to tea bags. I'm not sure how these are different":  

Loose leaf teas are different from tea bagged tea in a few ways. First, loose leaf tea is more flavorful than the tea dust you find in tea bags. Tea dust are those small particles or flakes of tea most often in store bought tea bags. Second, loose leaf tea has more healthy oils in their leaves than tea dust. Third, you can get 3 or more cups of tea from a small amount of leaes because they contain more flavorful oils than the tea dust in tea bags. Fourth, brewing loose leaf teas creates a saisfying ritual that sets the tone for your day. 

My name is Dina Cataldo, and I love tea!

After a breast cancer diagnosis at 29, I turned to tea as one way to reset my health.

I realized that my old way of brewing tea - using tea bags filled with tea leaf dust (those tiny particles), leaving the bag steeped in my cup, and filling the cup with sugar - was the worst!

I created the 14 Day Tea Tour to introduce loose leaf teas to people who were unfamiliar with them or who loved them and wanted to try a variety. Tea drinking is more than a hobby, it's a passion that allows us to experience new pleasures with every sip.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why sign up for the waitlist?

Those who order the 14 Day Tea Tour early will get bonuses. Don't miss out!

Plus, you're only guaranteed all of the delish teas listed below if you're the first to order.

  • What teas come in the 14 Day Tea Tour?

If you sign up early, you're guaranteed the teas below. Because teas are seasonal, and I want to get you the best teas available, some of these may be replaced with similar teas that are just as high quality.

Here's a taste of what you'll get...

Nannuo Handmade Aged Shou | China, Spring 2012

Dark Roast Tieguanyin | Indonesia, Spring 2016

Yanki Special 2nd Flush Darjeeling | India, Spring 2016

Milk Oolong | Taiwan, Spring 2016

Genmaicha | Shizuoka, Japan, Spring 2016 | Kinezuke Family

Houjicha | Japan, Spring 2016

18 Ruby | Taiwan, 2016

Black Pearl Aged Oolong | Indonesia, Spring 2016

Forever Spring Oolong | Taiwan, Spring 2016

Heritage Silver Queen | India, Spring 2016

White Peony |China, Spring 2016  


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